Tuesday, 24 June 2008

SB Magazine - Early concept stages

Submerged - Layout & cover

Circuit board Series 

Part of  the brief required us to take a still life photograph. The theme of the Magazine will mainly be reviews electronica breakbeat and druma and bass music. With these initial concepts in mind, I decided to photgraph a circuit-board. after several attempts of phtographing the circuit board close up, I shot the photographs with a UV light behind the circuit board which illuminated the board and created some interesting results. After Photgraphing the Circuit Board I then Edited a selection of photographs using photoshop cs3.

Early Stage research based around the idea of contemporary publishing.
Sunday 7th October 2007
Book Design Contemporary examples:
Chip Kidd: Book One - Work: 1986 - 2006
Chip Kidd is an American Graphic designer & Authorand is know within the industry for his unusual book cover designs. One particular book that intersted me was his latest publication, Book One Work: 1986 - 2006. The book features all of his cover designs, sketch work and Author he has worked with over the years. The book also includes projects that he has worked on in connection with DC Comics such as Superman & batman.  The aestetics of the book itself is interesting. the cover is almost like an opitcal illusion, showing a photographic image, shot in first person of the readers handsand a book. The book is folded down the front of the page.
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