Tuesday, 24 June 2008

What is Submerged Magazine??


'submerged' is a magazine concept that I have I am currently working on. The Style of the magazine is much like the cover in many ways. The theme of the magazine will feature electronic music essentially. Music reviews on artist such as Fucki Porcini, squarepusher and any other relevant issues around this particular genre of music. The cover will feature an illuminated circuit board in which I photographed and edited using Adobe CS3 Premium Edition. Other articles that may be used for the magazine: latest reviews on music, bands and possibly art reviews within the Birmingham area. Other influences that will be brought to the magazine: Fashion, a list of vintage shops, second-hand, bouteques, markets may be listed.  

Basic Features to the magazine:

Underground Music, reviews on electronic music.

Reviews on up and coming music artists and established music artists within this genre. 

Reviews on venues, pubs, clubs within the Birmingham region   

Reviews on galleries art centres within Birmingham such as The Ikon, The Gallery in the Mailbox in Birmingham and mayble the Cresent art Gallery in Moseley. I will feature the Mac in Birmingham as it holds many intersting cultural events.

Reviews on films [not commercial!] venues such as the mac theatre in Birmingham and the electric theatre. 

What Freebies do you get with the magazine?!

I've thought about additional media that could be added with the magazine. I have currently come up with two possible concepts; A free cd/dvd which would contain music relevant to the magazine or addtional infomation about the magazines created into a pdf format. Another idea would be to create an A1 poster that would be folded and put into a folder along with the magazine. I may end up using both ideas! 

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